I hope you like scarves.

because I'm about to have a scarf sale up in this bitch~.

I'm starting school in August, so I need money.

Or maybe I should sell some DVD's? I'm not sure if I should sell them online or at half price bookstore. It's mostly Babel, Closer, Me and you and everyone we know, Saved! The Rules of Attraction, Love me if you dare, Amelie.. few others.
soap&skin 2012

The Shell

The Shell
by Molly Drake

Living grows round us like a skin
To shut away the outer desolation
For if we clearly mark the furthest deep
We should be dead long years before the grave

But turning around within the homely shell
Of worry discontent and narrow joy
We grow and flourish
And rarely see the outside dark that would confound our eyes

Some break the shell
I think that there are those that push their fingers through the brittle walls
And make a hole
And through this cruel slit
Stare out across the cinders of the world with naked eyes
They look both out and in
Knowing them selves and too much else beside
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soap&skin 2012

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Watermelon Flavored Sigmund Freud Head Lollipops

Once you get over the initial reluctance to put a human head in your mouth, you'll find that the subtle contours and watermelon flavor of these Sigmund Freud Head Lollipops are worth the strange looks you'll get as you suck them. Each sucker is about 2-1/4" tall with a 4" plastic stick. Twenty-four individually wrapped lollipops in each illustrated display box.



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